Why Coffee Shop Owners Need a Water Softener

In all reality, if you’re planning to open a coffee shop, the choice to get a water softener system is like selecting where to get the coffee beans: It must be an educated and properly taken decision as it can break you or make you. In all, it’s going to depend on where you’re located. In several parts of the world, the water is quite hard, and this hard water is exactly why you need to get a water softening system, otherwise you might as well say your early farewell to you espresso machine. If you aren’t familiar with the hard water, it is the type of water, which is responsible for causing lime build-up. It’s a crusty, white looking build up that can easily kill the $8000 espresso machine and numerous other equipment. It clogs up piping and chokes the line so that the water will not able to pass through it and if you face that issue, then you have to detach each and every part of your coffee in order to make it work again. Not cheap and not pretty!

Other Benefits of a Water Softener

water softener for coffee shop

Water which has been treated through a water softener as compared to the untreated hard water has numerous benefits and few of them are mentioned below for your quick reference and to tell you that how important it is to install a softener system before starting your coffee shop.

  • If you use a water softener to convert your hard water into soft water and then use that treated water for the home cleaning purpose, your glassware and silverware will become shinier and cleaner
  • Your skin and hair feel cleaner, softer and smoother with the water, which is treated with the help of a water softener.
  • Hard water, which is treated through a water softener enormously decreases housework by eliminating the formation of soap curd.
  • Hard water, which is made soft by using a water softener restores rich lathering of the shampoos and soaps, therefore reducing costs and usage of those products by seventy five percent.
  • With the help of water softener, you can get chemical free healthy laundering agents and soaps
  • Fabrics become softer also as hard minerals will become trapped in them and as a result, your clothes will stay in shape and color will not fade away and you can use your cloth as long as they are not torn apart. Fabrics last longer because of treated water and whites stay white without dingy gray, which is caused by untreated hard water.
  • Soft water also preserves life of all appliances which use water like ice and coffee makers, clothing washers and dishwashers. A water heater protected by the water softening system would also reduce yearly energy cost of that particular appliance by 22% to 29%.
  • Having a water softener in home decreases greenhouse gases equivalent to removing one four wheel vehicle from the road for one whole year.

So, if you are looking for water softener, call a professional or a water treating expert to save yourself from investing in wrong product.

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