Review: CAI Water Softener 64,000 Grain With Fleck 7000 Control

While there are several manufacturers who have thrived to create efficient water softening systems, none have been as effective as Fleck. Over the years, Fleck has been synonymous with water softening systems, as it incorporates state of the art technology in each of the products they create.

Out of the popular water softening equipment manufactured by Fleck, the most sought after unit is the Fleck 7000 control. The Fleck has been incorporated into the 64,000 Grain water softeners by CAI Technologies, who have also been at the forefront of bringing new water softener systems to consumers for years. Created for large to extra-large household requirements, this water softening system will do more than just provide your family with water that is better for your clothes and machinery, but water that is better for your household as well.

Noteworthy Features

review of the fleck 7000

Standard Compact Design

This metered water softener has the classic water softener design, involving two components – the filtration and the brine tank. While the filtration tank is kept exposed for controlling, the brine tank is given a stylish beige color to fit right into the décor of your home.

Ingenious Fleck Technology

With the popular acceptance of the Fleck 5600SXT, there was anticipation of a bigger and better microprocessor control unit, which has been fulfilled with the Fleck 7000. The control unit offers a friendly user interface with a clear LCD display. But the real winning feature of this control unit is that it automatically measures your soft water requirements and produces only the amount of water it requires, thus saving water, the amount of salt required, and a lot of money.

High Capacity And Durability

The 64000 grain capacity offered by this water softening system by CAI Technologies will suffice the water drinking and usage requirements of even the larger households with ease. Whether you consider the quality of the resin tank, the bypass valve or other components of the water softener, everything has been constructed out of industrial grade materials to last the user decades.


  • The smart control unit provided by Fleck 7000 makes the system efficient, which makes it highly cost saving.
  • The large size of the brine tank and 64,000 grain capacity makes this water softening system by CAI Technologies, one of the highest capacity systems in its price range.
  • The customer support provided for this water softening system is available constantly to help you with any query that you may have with installation and working.


  • The equipment has high capacity, so its size is bound to be fairly large compared to other low capacity water softeners. Before you go online and order yourself one of these, make sure that you have 3 ¼ foot by 2 feet space to store this water filtration unit.


Our Final Opinion 

While there are several water softening systems that claim to provide large supply of pure water in a matter of minutes, none is more compelling than the Metered water softener with Fleck 7000 created by CAI Technologies. Not only does this system increase the water supply, but also improves efficiency of the system with the help of the Fleck 700 microprocessor unit.  If the Fleck 7000 isn’t quite the water softener you’re looking for, try our water softener buying guide for better luck.


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