How to Choose Between the Different Types of Water Softeners

Water softeners play a prominent role in helping you get rid of hazardous hard water, by providing you with cleaned and soft water through its effective softening process. There is a wide variety of these products available on the market, each having their own unique various mechanical working differences. Due to their differing features, their quality and prices also differ, but all water softening systems are manufactured with the aim to get safe and clean water, that is free of minerals and other chemicals. Which is the primary requirement for anyone living in an area with extremely hard water.

In this article we will make sure to discuss the various types of water softeners along with their unique features that each have available. Moreover, some key facts are also listed that you need to know in order for you to make the best decision when it comes to finally making a purchase. Simply choose from any of the different types below.

Salt free water softener

Salt free water softener works by altering the magnetic waves of water to temporarily disrupt the ability for it to turn into lime scale. Some people are concerned with the health problem related to salt intake, for such type of people using this softener is more effective. It softens the water by breaking the bonds of sodium chloride and replacing it with potassium chloride.


Salt based ion Exchange softener

The process of water softening here takes place, with the passage of water through two tanks. One is filled with resin beads and the other is filled with the brine solution. Here the minerals which make the water hard are positively charged. Whereas the resin beads are negatively charged, so when the hard water is passes through the solution then the minerals containing positive charged ions are bonded with negative ions, and are extracted from water, thus making water safe to use.


Dual tank water softener

As its name suggests this type of water softener consists of two tanks that contains the solutions needed to soften water. Due to its extraordinary benefits, this is considered as the best choice for anyone who lives in big families and the level of hardness in your water is too high. The prominent feature of this particular product is that when one tank is in use, the other is regenerating, thus keeping the function or operation consistent and continuous, hence the continuous supply of soften water is ensured. Due to this unique feature, you are not faced with service breakage. Another feature of the product is that their size can be adjusted as per your need, as these systems are set to be on demand. It has a reliable system of controlling and checking. While choosing the product it is imperative to check the specifications, in terms of its capacity, adjustment, size and other aspects.


Magnetic Water

Magnetic water softeners are essentially the same as salt-free versions. It works on the principle of creating of sending a magnetic pulse through the water to keep lime scale from forming. It also repels the similarly charged ions, contained by hard water, thus extracting the ions of calcium and magnesium from water, making it extra soft.

types of water softeners

Water softener sizes and features

There is a wide variety of products available, each having different sizes. The feasibility of choice is completely dependent on the nature of your needs. If you have a small family, and you use a lesser consumption of water than most, obviously in such case you will not need to purchase a dual-tank unit, that supplies excess water in short span of time, rather you will prefer to choose the one that best suits your family and personal needs. It is also worth to mention here that the quality of material used for manufacturing of these products also vary with the varying nature of the demand placed by customers. Some customers prefer to choose the softeners that are made up of high quality material. Whereas, there are some people who prefer to choose low quality products available at affordable prices. This all depends on the level of the needs faced by customers.


Our Conclusion from Our Research

From the research based in our studies, we’ve concluded that water softeners are of utmost importance for anyone who is faced with the awful problem of hard water. By purchasing a water softener you can get access to soft water immediately, making your house’s water better than ever before! Moreover, it has also been proved that with the changing time, different types of softeners are being manufactured, and innovation is brought, keeping into account the changing needs of the people. It is also worth mentioning, that the companies offer you with multiple options to choose the best softener for your use that is compatible with your needs. In terms of size, shape, mode of function and durability. Furthermore, it is also evident that with rapid industrialization, more chemicals are added to naturally cleaned water, thus making it ultimate necessary, to remove the attached minerals or chemicals that pose hazard to human health. So, based on the dire importance of the soft water, the buyers should be more focused on judging the most compatible product that best suits their requirement. If they need a huge amount of water for daily usage, they will have to go for big and double tank softener. Whereas, if the requirement is low, then small sized softeners will be feasible to purchase. Since, the provided information is research based, so it would prove to be very useful for those who are in search of purchasing softener in order to get clean and safe water.

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